• Super Lemon Maze Pre-Roll
  • Super Lemon Maze Pre-Roll
  • Super Lemon Maze Pre-Roll

Super Lemon Maze Pre-Roll

  • Strain: Hybrid
  • THC: 22.33
  • CBD: 0.05%
  • Notes: Lemony, Piney, Relaxed

Super Lemon Maze is a beautiful clash of lemon and pine flavors. A unique mix that you would never see together but coexist masterfully in this hybrid marijuana strain. Users come to expect a relaxed effect mixed with a lively burst of energy. Enjoy a buzz that hits you in the nape of the neck then slowly creeps through the body. Great for a daytime outdoor excursion. Super Lemon Maze is built for everything from bedtime to primetime.

Produced By: COMCO Wellness (AU-P-000109)

Harvest Date:

Source #: 1A405030001AFA5000000413

Test Lab: North Coast Testing Lab (AU-SC-000114)

Test Date:

RAISE debuts in Michigan with a collection of handcrafted one-gram pre-rolls and pre-packaged flower focused on raising the occasion with mood-enhancing strains. The line delivers a high-quality and consistent cannabis experience with THC levels stretching 22-30%. RAISE is available at over 45 dispensaries across Michigan as well as at COMCO Wellness’ provisioning center located in Hanover.

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